making of demo "parasite" (c) fresh!mindworkz

1. Skyboxes

The space scenes used for the environment contain about 2 million faces and lots of high resolution textures. The rendered scenes are texture-mapped onto the skyboxes (which are simple boxes moving together with the camera). This way the the enviroment is presented using a few polygons, but it looks like the original complex scene.

2. Scenes

The exported scene is converted into the internal format of the 3DWorkz rendering engine. The 3DW format is a Z compressed chunk based data format. To finetune the animation we use the 3DWEdit tool, with that we can configure the features of the engine and the particle system.

3. 2D Anims

The 2D anims are made with our own layer based editor, using textures (jpg/tga) as layers with keyframable size, angle and position (there are 3 types of interpolation supported).

4. Music

The music is in compressed Vorbis OGG format, made with a midi based music creator tool. That way we can export the midi data and convert it to our format. All keystrokes are stored in the MSD (musicsyncdata) format in a virtual keyboard, and the values of the various midi controls (like: pitch bend, resonance, etc.). If you run the demo with "-synth 2" parameter, the keyboard will play the 2nd track of the music (exactly the same way the musician did, when he composed the music).

5. System code

The whole engine is built up from modules. The modules are dynamic libraries (DLLs in windows and SOs in linux) that contain all the platform dependent code. The main code is completely platform independent. If there's a bug in one of the modules, we don't need to recompile the whole thing, just fix and replace the buggy module (e.g. the partyversion contains a bug in the Windows windowmanager module WM.DLL :). We have debug and release versions of the modules, the debug version is contains lot of debug information but it is longer and slower than release. We also have a texture and a memory management system. These systems reports the memory and texture-memory leaks to us. There are three levels of texture detail: the high detail is the original texture size, the medium or low levels are resized to half or quarter size using box filter.

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